Have you ever thought about where coffee comes from? Who are the farmers that grow these magnificent beans that make coffee one of the World’s most consumed beverages?

In Papua New Guinea, the production of coffee is undeniable one of the largest agriculture practices, especially in the Highlands Region. The combination of high altitude and cool temperatures makes it the perfect place to produce Arabica coffee beans. Coffee beans here are organically grown, handpicked and sundried to perfection giving Papua New Guinean coffee beans a reputation as some of the World’s finest. Not to mention, its amazing flavours with hints of fruitiness and irrefutable smooth taste. 

Many villages harvest Arabica coffee beans as their only source of income or ‘cash crop.’

How the selling and buying process works is micro-farmers grow, harvest, pulp and dry their coffee beans sell to larger companies to be processed and prepared for exportation to coffee brokers around the world. Although all the hard work is predominantly done by the micro-farmers they are paid only a fraction of the price in comparison to what their coffee beans are sold for on the World Commodity Market. By purchasing directly from micro-farmers, The Raw Bean can provide a fair price to the micro-farmers, in return providing them the ability to grow and sustain their coffee business.

So, why do you want to purchase your coffee Beans from The Raw Bean?

Firstly, you are guaranteed simply some of the finest well-rounded, aromatically complex single origin Arabica coffee beans produced in Papua New Guinea. These beans are then locally roasted to perfection in Australia. Providing the perfect cup for every coffee lover.

But… more importantly by purchasing from The Raw Bean you are supporting micro-farmers by purchasing direct from the source, ensuring continued growth and sustainability of their micro-farm and building genuine relationships with each micro-farmer.

The Raw Bean genuinely wants to see the micro-farmer succeed both as a business and in their livelihood.