At The Raw Bean, we are passionate about being the change we want to see in the world.

Papua New Guinea is Australia’s closest neighbour. There is only 160km between the two coastlines, but for most of the people of New Guinea, we are thousands of miles apart in lifestyle.

Most of the population live in small villages. When the children are old enough, many parents send them to the city to find work in order to send back needed funds to their families in the village.

Unfortunately, without proper education or skills, many of these young people are unable to find work in the city. Homeless and without funds, many have no option but to live in shanties and beg for a living. Ashamed and without means to return to their village, they are lost to their families and community.

The creation of work in the villages provides a sustainable livelihood and enables families to stay together. Creating educational opportunities for village children provides further choice. Basic educational equipment is also sorely needed. For example, many children will use, erase, and re-use the same exercise book over and over again because families can only afford one book per child.

Here at The Raw Bean, we are committed to making a difference where it is needed most. By buying directly from farmers at a favourable price, we are helping to create sustainable work and supporting communities. As part of our business charter, we are also committing a minimum of 10% of our profits to support educational, vocational and micro-business initiatives not only in New Guinea, but also in Ghana, India and Dominica.

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